Monday, August 26, 2013


People who come in to the bookshop who are non-regulars, invariably ask, "How's the move working out for ya?"

Seven months into it, we can say, "Very well, actually."  It's numbered among the all-time best decisions we've made since we took the business over - right after getting a great accountant, but just ahead of switching from a traditional credit card processor to The Square.

If it's someone familiar with the shop and Asa, they always ask how he's doing. I have to evaluate the level of information they really want to hear, but what I've settled on as my stock answer is quite simple. "Still above ground," I say.

Sometimes this will blossom into a longer conversation, but it invariably ends with them trying to figure out what to say. They can't say any of the traditional "get well soon" kind of phrases. Usually they just say, "Well, tell Asa I said hi." And you know they want to say so much more. But they can't quite put it into words.

Then there are some folks who are afraid to come in to the store, because they are afraid to ask, afraid to know. Afraid to hear something they won't be able to deal with. Afraid they'll make me cry. Afraid they might cry. Afraid of All The Feels.

I'm guessing the card selection at Beeps might have something - as they're known for carrying a more interesting, irreverent, heretical stock than your basic grocery store - so I'm not sure if this is an untapped market.  But wouldn't it be refreshing to browse the greets at Smith's and find something like this?

© Chris Horn 2013
Please don't be afraid of The Feels. We're not.