Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poster Boy

Late in July, Asa was checking his Facebook page and found a forwarded 'kid beat cancer' message - a photo of a 12 year old boy holding a sign that said "I beat cancer's butt!" with the obligatory "Let's get this kid a million likes" plea.  He said, "What the hell? Just because he's 12 and bald? He's not even SICK anymore! I'm bald, I'm terminal, and nobody's giving ME a million likes." I said, you're not 12 and you - by choice - only have about 2 dozen Facebook friends, none of whom are the type to feed into viral messaging.

Still - whores will have their trinkets.

He made up a sign and I took the picture.

Then he posted it. Nothing. I told him he'd have to change permissions on the photo if he wanted it to get shared around. In a few hours he had about a dozen likes, which was a LOT more than I expected. I'm not sure what he expected. Honest, guys, IT WAS A JOKE. We thought it was funny. In our dark and sinister way.

But one of our more tenderhearted friends took that ball and ran with it. She got a half-dozen strangers to 'like' her share.  Two other people shared it as well. Have no idea what happened from there. 

UPDATE: We stopped counting at about 35 likes, between all the 'shares' and the original post. Which is close enough to a million for us.

BTW: Asa reads and approves every post I make. I can only hope he returns the favor when he gets around to posting.