Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So About That "Rude Health" Claim

You think I'd know better.

We had our regular weekend errands to run - grocery shopping and laundry. Asa was feeling rested and sharp so he did the driving, both on Sunday AND Monday. We had a few extra stops, too. On Sunday, in addition to our grocery and recycling run, we made a foray to Cost Plus to buy new dishes - you know, when you can't paint the walls and you want to re-decorate on the cheap with the least amount of effort, you get new dishes. It's oddly cheering.

On Monday, besides the usual laundromat excursion, Montag, our boy tabby, had his annual check-up (he's fine). We fit in a bank run as well as a trip to Costco - one of Asa's two favorite stores to hang out in.* We saw some really nice acrylic drinkware while there, and the price was low enough to convince us to give up our old glassware. We picked up a new set of sheets, because nothing feels quite as nice as snuggling into bed on crisp, new 600 threadcount cotton. We also snagged a copy of Jo Nesbo's first novel, "The Bat," for Asa (he's a big fan of the Nordic Noir). It seemed like the weekend was dedicated to making some small, but comforting, changes and additions. So, even with the extra errands, we got things done in record time.


I forgot to bring a bottle of water. Both days. And the heat was sneaky.

I became dehydrated and more than a little touched by the heat. I also overestimated my ability to lug shit around. By Tuesday morning I was in a right state - exhausted and muzzy-brained. The bookstore was closed for the day. AND NOBODY DIED.

Oddly enough, Asa seemed to weather the weekend pretty well, aside from getting more tired than usual. He has aches and pains and miseries and frustrations, but at least the heat didn't get to him like it did me. We did learn something important, though, besides the need to carry water: Don't go to Panda Express without the dietary info in hand.  We picked up lunch there on Sunday, forgot what it was he couldn't have, overindulged - and he said he could still taste the salt the next day.

Now, having an unplanned day off gave me a chance to experience first hand what Asa's regular daily routine is like. I was mainly surprised by how quickly the time passed. And let me just say I really like his taste in ambient music: Continuum, The Pirate Ship Quintet, and Airbag, to name a few. He read for a while, then I got to be his Sous-Chef de Cuisine as he made a modified, extremely low-sodium version of posole for lunch. Next on his agenda was more reading and a nap. I watched a movie and did some beadwork, moving very slowly and drinking quarts of water.

I packed up the old dishes and glassware to donate. I got to thinking about all the different dinnerware I've had in my adult life, from Melmac to Corning Ware to depression glass to Sears' hideous "colonial" pictorial dishes in muddy browns, to Mikasa black china patterned with lilies, to square plates in red and black from Target, to plain old classic white diner dishes. And how crazy some folks get about their plates and whatnot. I remember when one of my aunts passed away - how her sisters fought over the china. I don't get that. I don't really have that kind of attachment to stuff. I just enjoy what I have while it's in my keeping, and I let it go when the time comes. Unless we're talking about silverware. I'll fight to the death to keep my silverware. Just ask my first husband.

Tuesday was very low key, a restful day. I still can't get over how quickly the time goes, though.

Scary, really.

TL;DR: There's something to be said for retail therapy. I got sick then I got better.

* The other store Asa likes is Big Lots - he says, deadpanning: "It's like a new store. Every week."

Oh, pics:
These are the new dishes, "Organic Reactive Glaze Dinnerware:"

The new drinkware:

Asa's book:

(and my silverware)