Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Day In History: A Post From Asa

Back in the summer of 1974, the country was holding its breath. The President of the United States was about to either be impeached, resign or, in the view of many, declare Marshal Law. Life went on as we all watched and listened to the news, waiting for something to happen. This had been going on for over a year and most were worn out and tired from the ongoing tension. On August 8th, there was going to be a concert at the Civic Auditorium here in Albuquerque; The Edgar Winter Group with Bad Company. A friend who worked at a radio station talked me and a couple of others into going (it was not at all hard). I had just started a new job and was tired of the news and needed a break. We got there early to get seats, but we had stopped first and picked up 4 pints of cheap whiskey, not having enough pot to go around for the evening. We talked about music and stuff, the way you do when you're waiting for the band to start. Bad Company came on and played and the crowd was relaxed and excited and eager to see Edgar Winter.  Suddenly, the DJ/emcee came on stage with a "Special Announcement":  Richard M Nixon had just declared his resignation effective noon the next day! A stunned silence followed, just for a moment, then the crowd went nuts. It was the biggest spontaneous party I've ever been to - about 2500 people. The air became thick with pot smoke. Joints were flying from hand to hand like butterflies. Edgar Winter commented on the haze - and my memory becomes a little spotty after that. Edgar Winter at some point dedicated "Frankenstein" to Nixon ( I'm fairly sure he did . . .) and he played it forever. Or something like that. I don't remember getting home that night but I must have, and even showed up for work the next day and listened to the resignation speech on the radio. And life went on. And got weirder...

photo©Jay Ward Productions w/tweak by MMullins