Friday, September 20, 2013

Holding Patterns

A relatively uneventful week has passed. Asa has read three books, the store managed to survive the opening week of the state fair, I've been reading and beading as per usual, and both of us managed to endure, if very painfully, the wettest week in memory here in the Southwest. Humidity does play merry hell with the joints.

Errands were run with little to no lumps or bumps, the first steps toward applying for medical marijuana have been taken, our boy cat has developed delusions of manhood (his love song to the girl cat woke us both up at 5 am this morning), Asa had a crisis of confidence in his primary care giver, and we had a good talk about the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to life, the universe, and everything. We are pinning a lot of our hopes to the effectiveness of Le Cannabis.

We went to visit a friend and return some CDs and a movie we had borrowed, and had a visit with her giant dog* - it was nice to get out and invade someone else's home for a change. What else happened this week . . . OH! I killed a giant brown roach that had been freaking us out during late night bathroom trips. I may have scared the crap out of the neighbor that shares the bathroom wall when I shouted and started wailing away at the beastie with my slipper (actually a croc) in one hand and a wad of toilet paper in the other. I told Asa I was so proud of "me prowess" that I would have to relive the episode at least three more times verbally and then immortalize it here on the blog. This may not seem like much of thing to most folks, but it's another one of those signposts to me. Taking up another task that had been Asa's province for so long.  Like cleaning out the cat's litter box - because he can no longer bend over for the amount of time it takes to finish the task. Small changes become milestones.

We went through our Netflix queue and realized we only have a handful of things there - so we're debating over our next movie/tv obsession - Asa is just finishing up watching a fair stack of baseball related movies. A nice palate cleanser between bouts of watching 50s noir and 50s science fiction. We have plenty of suggestions from friends, but we can't seem to settle on anything. Nothing quite hits the mark.

Asa's been sleeping a little better - well, up until last night - on this combination of Ambien and melatonin. He reports his dreams are more like mild hallucinations that involve the cats. He was hoping for better.

Still haven't gotten to Yay in the Right Now, but we feel rumors of it on the horizon.

*This is our friend's big-ass dog. He has spooky people eyes.