Saturday, September 28, 2013

Social Butterfly

Asa was supposed to write this post, but he's been too busy what with his full dance card and all.


Actually, this has been quite the active week for him. Last Sunday we had a spectacular lunch with a bunch of friends to combo-celebrate Hobbit Day and the Autumnal Equinox. There was a huge bowl of sauteed mushrooms on the table at any rate. On Wednesday he had lunch with another friend, then yesterday was a breakfast date with yet another friend. This was more Out & About-ing than he's done in the past two months together, and it's the best thing EVER. And I told him so. Or at least I thought I had.

A: How do you feel about me going to eat with friends? I mean, are you okay with it?

M: I don't understand the question. Are you thinking I'm upset? That I should be jealous or that I resent you getting out of the house for a change and having a good time that doesn't involve me?

A: Well, yeah. I guess that's what I meant.

M: Are you upset or jealous or unhappy that I go to work five days a week and meet all these people and talk about books all day and generally have a swell time without you?

A: Is that what happens?

M: No. But if it did would you be upset?

A: I think I would.

M: Then it's a damned good thing I'm nothing like you, isn't it. I think it's great you're getting out and being as active as you can, with people you like. It's doing you a world of good. How could that possibly make me unhappy?

A: Well, my first wife argle bargle blah de blah blah groink groink.*

M: And who am I?

A:  Right.

Twenty years together and he still has trouble with this.

But to recap: He's been feeling a little better, and I think a lot of it has to do with going forward in the process of getting approved for medical marijuana. Today he completed the second step: seeing the pain specialist. Now it's a matter of sending the paperwork to Santa Fe for approval.  It won't be long now before we start the next phase of this Big Adventure.

We're just looking to ease the pain. And while this picture shows him in absolutely no pain whatsoever, I think that time and mileage will render an entirely different sort of experience.

Asa - SWEFA Beltane '89, Beltane Meadow, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico
(If you look closely at his glasses, you can see the Maypole and dancers reflected)

*I am Asa's last wife in a series of 4, he is my last husband in a series of 3. Whenever he starts a sentence with "Well, my (insert number) wife," I do this mental autotune where he sounds just like an orc with Tourette's.