Thursday, October 24, 2013

But On The Up Side . . .

We had a great, hectic, fun fall break - the fun stuff was book-ended by doctor stuff for Asa in the beginning and doctor stuff for me at the end. But the fun stuff was Big Fun right there in the middle, thanks to our daughter Darcy* sharing the time with us. We dined at Fu Yuang, lunched at Sweet Tomatoes, breakfasted at Hurricane's, saw (and really enjoyed) the movie "Gravity," in 3D no less, spent a completely hedonistic afternoon at Betty's Day Spa, did a mini-Breaking Bad touristy thing, went bead shopping, thrift storing, and swapped out one bookcase for another at the bookshop.

The cats were glad when the vacation ended. They HATE having their routine disturbed. Asa slipped back in to his regular program with no problem.  Going back to work for me was - well, let's just say I don't think I'll have any trouble with retiring at 65.

So to recap on the health front:
Asa survived the bathroom crash with a fair amount of grace and his scalp is completely healed thanks to his conscientious use of calendula.  Side note: We realized that if we get in-home care at some point it'll have to be a really big person who can manhandle a 200lb+ dead weight.
His follow-up endoscopy has been rescheduled for early November.
He's starting to get more skin mottling (a result of the malfunctioning liver).
Everything else remains in a holding pattern.
And as I mentioned in the last post, YAY for the medical marijuana card.

All in all, one of our better Fall Breaks.  Speaking of Breaking (Bad):

 *that's Ms Horn to you.