Monday, October 7, 2013

Asa Post: Happy Hands at Home

I keep being told that I need a hobby, besides reading. Well, I'm trying to learn to make salt free pickles. I've had modest results, so on goes the great experiment. The latest batch, while better than my first two attempts, still isn't quite there. It IS the best so far, so I'm going to try pickling different veggies, and maybe combine some together. Now to decide WHICH veggies.

This week I read three more books - continuing with my objective to read all of S.M. Stirling's novels of The Change. They're great.

Got a nice stack of CDs from We Buy Music the other day - Ravi Shankar and Quicksilver Messenger Service among them. Picked up a great pair of Koss headphones - brand new! - at a thrift store on Saturday. That alone made this a pretty good week for me.

Got my sauces and seasonings this week in the mail from Mr. Spice. This is the best stuff on the planet for easing the pain of going salt-free. I can highly recommend the Hot Wing sauce, and the Indian Curry sauce.

Speaking of easing the pain, I mailed in my application for medical marijuana - I should know if I've been approved before mid-November at the latest. Hope it all goes well. My knees can't take jumping through many more hoops.

This post edited for punctuation, and some additional content by Morwyn.