Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Life is never dull. One hurdle is successfully cleared (Asa was approved by the State of New Mexico for medical marijuana use), when the next one appears. By the way, the 'special brownies' seem to be taking the edge off the pain, easing his sleep.

Asa's been on UNM Care (a health care program for low-income people) for over 20 years. When he went on full disability, he also went on Medicare as his primary health insurance, with UNM Care as his supplemental. I've been on UNM Care myself for about 17 years, as my only health insurance. It has been a wonderful, simple program. Now everything changes. We just received the letter we've been expecting, telling us about the changes coming up. It's immensely confusing and complicated, but the financial assistance people say they'll help us understand it all and find the right insurance provider, and help us apply for financial aid to pay for it. I know it will all work out in the end, but for right now the prospect of change is intimidating.

Thanks to the endless bombardment of panicky media noise, I'm feeling overwhelmed, terrified, and pathetic. I'll most likely keep feeling this way until we make and keep our appointment with UNM Care and get things settled. It's the Unknown that always weirds me out. Not knowing how many more hurdles are ahead.